The very first time I used the World Wide Web was way back in 1995 and it was a very different place  than the web we know today. Web apps didn’t exist. Web sites were just pages of text, images and hyperlinks. Search engines didn’t exist yet either. In fact, the web was so small that was a directory. A manually curated list of links to individual sites, sorted into nested categories.

I remember it well. I was 13 and I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house. His dad dialed into an ISP in Barbados to get us connected. Yes, our entire browsing session was a paid international call to Barbados, so it was understandably short. Not that that was a problem, because we had no idea where to go and what to do, other than what we could find in categories we thought interesting in Yahoo’s directory. So what do a bunch of adolescent kids do on their first trip to the Interwebs? They download a silly little Windows 95 game called Dave Dude 95 then get the hell out of Dodge so their folks can keep the phone bill under a million bucks that month.

Fast forward to today where the web is a full fledged application development and delivery platform, where sites host elaborate apps that can do almost anything native apps running locally on your device can. Here are some web apps that really showcase the web we have today.

Office Suites

new-google-favicon-64 Google Apps
Google Docs (Documents)
Google Sheets (Spreadsheets)
Google Slides (Presentations)
GMail (Email)
Google Calendar (Calendar)
Google Contacts (Contacts)
Google Keep (Notes)
Google Drive (Storage)

215051-64 Office Online
Microsoft Word Online (Documents) Add to Chrome
Microsoft Excel Online (Spreadsheets)
Microsoft PowerPoint Online (Presentations) (Email) Calendar (Calendar) People (Contacts)
Microsoft OneNote (Notes)
Microsoft OneDrive (Storage)

201400-64 iWork
Apple iCloud Pages (Documents)
Apple iCloud Numbers (Spreadsheets)
Apple iCloud Keynote (Presentations)
Apple iCloud Mail (Email)
Apple iCloud Calendar (Calendar)
Apple iCloud Contacts (Contacts)
Apple iCloud Notes (Notes)
Apple iCloud Drive (Storage)



Sketchfab (3D model gallery)
Adventure Machine (Drum machine by Madeon)